Red to Fade (demo)


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Since the release of my EP in 2014, I have been working on and refining new material. This is the first in a series of singles to be released in 2017.
Red to Fade is written for someone close to me.

Image by Simon Shaw Photography


Red to Fade © Fraser MacKenzie, 2016

I’ll never tell you
I’ll always hold back
You’ll never break through
and I’ll never crack
All she knows is what she’s told
She says love like a rose

Like a seed long ago
She says her love will only grow
She nurtures it
and holds on tight
She knows hate’s a pointless fight

But you hide me away and before too long
My stalk it withers, petals fall off
They tumble turn, go from red to fade
and they wrinkle and stain as they fall age
And the thorns they stay and I’m thinning out
My mouth is dry and passion drowns
and I know what love is and this aint it
cause a girl who loves me couldn’t leave me in bits

What's your story, tell me it
Is it just the same, a broken heart?
You’ve been abused
Have you been used?
You’ve been thrown out

I’ll tell you what's in my head
The cogs are broke and spin out of gear
I'll tell you whats on my mind
and you tell me what you find

Oh, a truth for a truth
A lie for a lie
I’ll tell you a story
As I close my eyes
One of my songs I’ll sing to you
One more secret broken in two
You pick me up, and you water me
Put me in the sun, babe what you see
- a seed of love, lets nourish it
or let it grow and break to bits

Oh, I entertain. It's whats I do
How I feel is second to you
In my shoes won’t you walk a mile
You’ll understand what it is just to see a smile
And the truth is we die alone
It’s a scary thought being away from home
And the truth is, babe that there's this war going on
in my head of right and wrong

And that’s the truth, we die alone
But we live together - that makes us whole
You take those things that you love of me
and you hold them tight until I leave
Then take those things you love of you
And put them into someone new
And we’re all the same and we make mistakes
and I fell in love with someone great

You’re the rose and I’m the vase
that holds your life and makes you stay

No - you’re the dirt that lets me grow
That sets me free and feeds my soul

If I were the Earth and you were the trees
And you were everything that I see
But no, I’m a rose,
I’m a rose
All alone


released April 8, 2017
© 2016
Lyrics and music by Fraser MacKenzie



all rights reserved


Fraser MACK Napier, New Zealand

A self-taught musician with a passion for acoustic guitar, writing & performing his own songs, MACK describes his music as 'alternative folk-rock'.
MACK has also been part of several rock bands (vocals and lead electric) - his own ''BOWYANG' (2015-17) as well as 'Soul Funkin What!' (2016-17) and 'Familiar' (2014-15).
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